Adipologie LFU offers state-of-the-art fat elimination using high-intensity ultrasound. It precisely targets stubborn fat cells, reducing volume and reshaping the body without surgery. Ideal for those struggling with localized fat or cellulite resistant to diet and exercise, with protocol sessions starting at 40 minutes. 6 sessions package

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Definitive fat elimination Adipologie, state-of-the-art technology ideal for combating localized fat. It consists of highly effective high-intensity ultrasound that allows precise work only on affected tissues. This effectiveness translates into faster treatments, allowing us to carry out our daily life normally; its application eliminates localized fat cells even in deeper and more difficult areas, reducing several centimeters from the first session.

Adipologie exclusively targets fat; thanks to these focused ultrasounds, a natural reinforcement mesh of collagen and elastin is created to help firm the tissue.

Benefits: High technology at the service of beauty. Volume reduction, Body reshaping, Non-surgical alternative to liposuction. Tissue firming. Eliminates cellulite and localized fat. Painless treatment. Best results with 4 to 6 treatments with 2 weeks interval between them.

Who is it indicated for? It is ideal for the most stubborn fat that we cannot eliminate through exercise or diet, cellulite and flaccidity.

Treatment duration: According to the area to be treated, starting from 40 minutes. (20 min localized Photobiomodulation therapy and 20 min Adipologie)

6 Sessions Program: 40 minutes sessions each. 20 min localized Photobiomodulation therapy and 20 minutes LFU Adipologie Therapy.